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Be A Miss DJ Tees Brand Ambassador!

The Miss DJ Tees Brand Ambassador program is specifically designed for female DJs to be the face of our brand! Join us in celebrating the uniqueness and strength of female DJs!

Benefits of Joining our Team!

   *Feature on

   *Free Shirt & Discounts

   *IG Live Interview on @raspy_entertainment

  *Earn commissions on t-shirt sales

  * Chance to win a gift card each quarter

  * Friends and family coupon 

Interested in being our next Brand Ambassador? Click here to learn more and to complete our Brand Ambassador application!

Miss DJ Tees Brand Ambassadors


Sacramento, CA


"It's not easy being a woman in the DJ industry; people underestimate me all the time. I like being underestimated though because it gives me the push that I need to be the best that I can be. To me, that's what being "female DJ" is all about; stuntin' on them haters!"

DJ Milo On The Beat
Seattle, WA


"As a woman, you are a rarity of course, in an industry that is dominated 99% by men, but  being a Female DJ is awesome. Yes, of course there’s pros and cons that come with the job, but having the ability to navigate through it is amazing. So for me being a female DJ means being your authentic self and creating Amazing experiences."


Starkville, MS


"Being a female DJ literally means showing the world that we possess the same skills and talents as our male counterparts and we deserve the same kind of recognition. It's also about empowering women all over the world, especially those that are subject to shy away from going after powerful positions and leadership roles due to it being dominated by the male species. I want them to know that they deserve to be in that space just as much as anyone else."

B2877AC0-44C3-4EDB-B0BC-31CD1C97881D - DJ Q MAC.jpeg

Greenville, SC


Being a female DJ means being fearless in taking risks, and creating a vibe that others enjoy.

DJ Judy B
Dallas, Texas

Being a female DJ means that I get to communicate with the entire world without ever saying one word… the music will always be universal!

female dj outline_edited.jpg

This could be you!

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